Thanks for the hope.

Now, this is something that any other blogger would Want to see. What WordPress tell me is statistics but there’s this one thing that even WordPress or any other blogging site can’t tell specifically or measure and keep track of is “Love”

I with my deepest regards would love to thank all and each one of you for showing me love that I never could’ve dreamt of. Thanks for being there guys because sometimes in those tough moments of my life, when everyone else seems to be looking away. You are my only hope, 

The hope that would listen. 

The hope that would react.

The hope that would smile back.

The hope that would advise.

The hope that would criticize.

The hope that would love me no matter what.

The hope that would caress me with no conditions applied.

It’s this love of yours that has made me, compelled me write even more of me, to share even more pieces of my soul. 
And I genuinely am looking forward to keeping you guys glued to your screens while reading my posts.

Much love,


Hasta luego.πŸ’


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