I don’t know(translation to last one)

To those of you beautiful people who don’t understand urdu, I got many requests to translate it to English because of their love and support that they always bestow upon me.

Here’s to you guys.

The contradiction to my sins,

Are your blessings maybe,

So when those eyes meet mine,

This head of mine bows a little,

In these words that I say,

You don’t put your faith in,

I know,

But promises, some you did,

Some you broke too,

I just had a bit less ego,

And maybe in that,

Love I did,

There’s a storm that rises,

In these veins of mine,

Like a bursting volcano,

Taking my soul away,

I see shadows now,

Around my body every time,

One silhouette,

Keeps close to me always,

Is it yours or mine,

I don’t know……

Hasta luego😘

Much love😍✌



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