If you could see…..

If only you could see,

What it is meant to be,

To love someone very dearly,

And still be an adversary,

My thoughts are running out,

Can’t you see,

When was the last time,

When you really felt free,

Free like this wind,

Free to go anywhere,

As far as you could see,

I am so corrupted now,

As my demons take a bow,

And My angels fail to see,

What I mean to thee,

Your soul is the destination,

Next to my Paradise,

Your arms my suffice,

My words all dry,

My rhythms all pry,

This pandemonium inside me,

Makes me nothing but cry,

Why are you so unattainable,

To you it maybe nothing,

But a mere syllable,

I know,

But to me it’s something,

You can’t even imagine,

How afraid I am to show…..

Don’t forget to tell me how you liked it or not, if yes then how much or else make me better it by your genuine comments that are more than just welcome🙌🙌

Hasta luego✌✌

Much love😘😘



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