​And now,

That you’re about to leave,

Me, my soul and my skin,

They just refuse to believe,

You won’t be here anymore,

My waters won’t meet your shore,

My nights won’t have your kisses,

Us no more accomplices,

My head wouldn’t fall maybe,

In your lap again,

Now, there will just water,

No spring, no monsoon, no rain,

I will see you still,

Maybe at a distance apart,

Distances that I want no more,

Instances maybe two or four,

I understand why,

Why you’re leaving,

There’s something in your heart,

Something worth believing,

Something worth achieving,

But, what about me?

I have to see you going,

Crumbled under my own debris,

You need not worry,

All my life I promise,

I’ll be there by your side,

Your very own referee,

You have gifted me priceless,

That I can live with,

You my darling love,

Have gifted me,

Your memory…….

That’s all I have….
Hasta luego amigos..😘😘

Much love ❤️ ❤️



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